The Top Amazing Fashion Moments in Film

There are a number of iconic moments in the history of the big screen. Movies influence people in a number of ways including what they wear. There are some movie fashions that will not fade away no matter how much time passes.


  1.  Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s


This movie still has a strong following. Audrey steps out of the taxi and starts to walk into Tiffany’s when she meets her lover. She met Givenchy on the set and they also worked on Sabrina together in 1954. The couple had a partnership that lasted on and off the screen for a lifetime. This Hollywood movie set new standards for style and design on screen. Since this movie Hollywood sets had to step it up in order to capture the attention of fans.


  1.  Marilyn Monroe, The Misfits


While many people think of Marilyn and her floating white dress this movie set some trends in Hollywood. In this movie Marilyn was the first female actress to be able to wear a pair of jeans in a movie. They were Levi;s at that. This put the end to females in high waisted jeans. Now women copying the classic fit with the white shirt tucked into the jeans. Thanks to Marilyn jeans became acceptable in the movies and for women all over the country.


  1.  Diane Keaton, Annie Hall


Diane Keaton was the fashion icon of 1977. She started a huge fashion trend. Forty years later people still want to get the style of the character Annie. The waistcoat, high waisted pants, ties, and bowler hats were in then and they are in now. Diane was able to make this look good. She wanted to be a cool looking woman and this movie allowed her to do so.


  1.  Sean Young, Blade Runner


Sean got the attention of the audience in a big way. The backdrop of this movie was set in Los Angeles and Sean had the style. She had rolled fringes and shoulder pads with a floor length fur coat. She was one of the first women to be crushed on by other women with her cool style.


  1.  Mia Farrow in The Great Gatsby


Mia has great style and this movie was able to capture it. The costumes look like something out of a dream and brought the style of jazz to the big screen. Mia was able to pull off the look flawlessly. The movie even won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design.


  1.  Keira Knightley in Atonement


Keira had a beautiful green gown that looked like it came from the 1930s. Jacqueline Durran designed the grown and it has been voted on by those in the industry to be one of the best costumes of all time. The fabric is breathtaking and the cut fit Keira perfectly.


  1.  Vivien Leigh, Gone with the Wind


This classic movie featured hoop skirts that went down to the ankles and Vivian made this an iconic look. Walter Plunkett was the costume designer for this movie and has worked on other hits including An American in Paris and Singin in the Rain. He spend a lot of time researching designs for this movie and worked hard to find the perfect one. He has designed over 5,000 clothing items for over 50 main movie characters and 100 movie extras.

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