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Scarlett O’Hara was best known beginning in the 1930’s for her tiny waist that instantly became iconic in the world of fashion and femininity. At her trimmest, Scarlett O’Hara’s waist was held in at only 17 inches around. From the use of painful corsets, persistence and optical illusions with fuller clothing, Scarlett was able to achieve a waist that became the ultimate example of bold beauty. The use of corsets dates back from the 1500’s to the 1900’s as a means to signify status and reshape the female figure, the boost in popularity again was thought to be a result of Scarlett O’Hara hitting the big screen in famous films such as Gone with the Wind.


Today, the look of an ultra-trim waist is back again as celebrities such as the Kardashian women, Jessica Alba and Ciara swear by waist training. Women everywhere are spreading the word especially after pregnancies, that waist trimmer belts really do work.


The benefits don’t stop with a fashionably tight waist, waist trimer belts also help to burn belly fat while working out, preserve heat to the back resulting in alleviation from certain back pains, and correct poor posture, which can instantly make a person appear several pounds slimmer.


Not all waist trimming belts are created equally, use of the wrong trimmer belt can result in reshaping your waist to an unappealing form, restricting oxygen and even causing constipation. Knowledge is important on your search for the perfect waist belt trimmer, below we will discuss the top rated belts to tighten, trim and tone you to perfection.


The Best Waist Trimmer Belts for Getting A Tiny Waist Like Scarlett O’Hara


George PostNatal, Postpartum Waist Trimming Belt– This belt earns a high rating due to its comfortable wrap design which targets women who have recently been through a pregnancy. It is lightweight, has a breathable material and helps bring feminine shape back to a body which recently underwent major changes.



Your Weight Powerful Waist Trimmer- This trimmer is unique in that is allows you to burn extra calories by helping you sweat. As a woman who is trying to lose extra pounds while simultaneously tightening and toning the core, this belt is raved about for serious results. Your Weight Powerful Waist Trimmer focuses on the common belly bulge and the problem area of the extra weight held in the waist or back.


Angel Curves Waist Trainer- The beautiful corset style of the Angel Curves waist trainer gained popularity from celebrities posting pictures of themselves wearing the fashion forward designs. They specialize in women with shorter torsos who are looking to flatten their stomach and lose inches. An added perk to these corsets are that they have the glamour and flexibility to be able to wear while working out or discreetly under clothing.


Best Neoprene Stomach Wrap Waist Trimmer Belt- This belt is a top seller on Amazon for several good reasons. First, the price is significantly lower than many waist trimmers on the market, it can typically be found for under $20. The small design is a great way to test the results without a fear of completely reshaping your figure. The size is universal and focuses on the lower ab region which is one of the biggest problem areas for many.



Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer- Saunas have always been known to assist in extra weight loss, the secret behind this belt is that it mimics the results of using a sauna by heating muscles and focusing on water weight. This particular package comes with a specially formulated cream to put directly on your stomach, under the waist trimmer, for faster results.


Ann Chery Latex Waist Trimmer Vest- If you’re looking for the most practical option as a woman who is on the go and needs something with more focus on comfort and discreetness, the Ann Chery waist trimmer belt is the ideal option for you. The vest is worn strapped over your shoulders much like a bra, it then wraps under your bra for an added lift and covers the entire back and core. Latex material prevents bunching and slipping under clothing, while giving enough flexibility to move freely.



Lucea Gen luna Women’s Steel Boned Underbust Corset- In comparison to other stylish corset designs, this one is considered low priced. The structure of the corset has flexible bone-like spirals to fit tightly to a woman’s curves while holding in more at the waist. The front closure has 3 hooks to allow a choice between a snug fit, tighter fit or tightest fit which allows you to easily transition this as you begin or once you lose weight.

Each of this waist trimmer belts have proven to work for many women around the world, however it’s important to expect the right results. The trimmers can help you shed unwanted weight and temporarily hold your waist to a smaller size, but only if done consistently and in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices.


Each of these waist trimmer belts have proven to work for many women around the world, however it’s important to expect the right results. The trimmers can help you shed unwanted weight and temporarily hold your waist to a smaller size, but only if done consistently and in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices. For more details about the best waist trimmer belts, or if you’re interested in waist trainer reviews, take a look at this website: WaistTrainers.Reviews.

One question Star Wars fans have been wondering, though hasn’t been answered, is how Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ties into Disney XD’s current animated series Star Wars Rebels. So far, we haven’t been given many clues. But Rebels Executive producer Dave Filoni has now offered his take on the matter.


Rogue One is the first-ever Star Wars spin-off movie made for the big screen. Sure, there were a couple of Ewok movies and an animated Clone Wars feature film. But this is an honest to god Star Wars movie that takes place in the same universe, but isn’t tied to the Skywalker bloodline saga, save for a very cool and important Darth Vader cameo. What we know about the movie is that it takes place in the days just leading up to the events seen in the original 1977 Star Wars, which was later retitled A New Hope.

Star Wars Rebels also takes place in the time prior to A New Hope, but what is the bridge between Rebels and Rogue One? How do they tie together and connect? Well, this is what Dave Filoni had to say to Empire about the subject.


“I would say that there will be things that definitely have influenced each other and have been definitely accounted for. Something that I’ve been interested in, is I’ve been aware of kind of the look of the film and the characters in the film for a while. If you look at Rogue One, it’s a much more gritty and very realistic-looking world and Rebels is a much more, when it starts out, colorful world. I’ve been slowly adapting, because I’ve been in the know, so that as we get closer to each other, things are going to naturally line up. I think our show will always be a bit more colorful, but it’s meant to be able to ingest the look of certain things that are happening in the film. I think that will be a lot of fun for people.”

Star Wars Rebels is currently in the midst of its third season. And it has proven to be one of Disney XD’s most popular original programs. Rogue One isn’t bringing any of the characters from that series to the big screen, but it is bringing one charter from the previous Star Wars animated series Clone Wars. Forest Whitaker will be portraying the live-action version of Saw Gerrera.


As it stands, it sounds like there will be more of a connection or tie-in between Star Wars Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels Season 4. Dave Filoni admits that the time line of the spin-off and the animated show is very close to one another, which causes its own set of challenges.

“[Rogue One is] so close to our timeline, there have been a lot of considerations going on there to say, “Okay, what is relevant and what are you guys doing?” How do we keep what they’re doing special and an exciting reveal, but then still account for it in the things we’re doing on our show? Luckily we have a story group, which is kind of the fiber that connects all the things going on. I talk to the people that I need to that are on the other productions to make sure we’re all in sync. We’ve got this great tapestry being woven now, here at Lucasfilm, in all the different Star Wars areas to make sure the fans are getting this authentic experience and when their characters show up, it’s meaningful and appropriate.”

Many fans are expecting that Rogue One doesn’t end well for its band of rebels who have set out to retrieve plans to the dreaded Death Star. And with good reason, as none of the characters are ever heard from again in the original trilogy, though they played quite an important role in the mythology of the saga. Will characters like Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor survive? Well, we haven’t heard anything about Rogue One spawning a sequel. But if they do happen to perish, it’s quite likely that these characters will pop-up in Star Wars Rebels somewhere further down the road.

There are a number of iconic moments in the history of the big screen. Movies influence people in a number of ways including what they wear. There are some movie fashions that will not fade away no matter how much time passes.


  1.  Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s


This movie still has a strong following. Audrey steps out of the taxi and starts to walk into Tiffany’s when she meets her lover. She met Givenchy on the set and they also worked on Sabrina together in 1954. The couple had a partnership that lasted on and off the screen for a lifetime. This Hollywood movie set new standards for style and design on screen. Since this movie Hollywood sets had to step it up in order to capture the attention of fans.


  1.  Marilyn Monroe, The Misfits


While many people think of Marilyn and her floating white dress this movie set some trends in Hollywood. In this movie Marilyn was the first female actress to be able to wear a pair of jeans in a movie. They were Levi;s at that. This put the end to females in high waisted jeans. Now women copying the classic fit with the white shirt tucked into the jeans. Thanks to Marilyn jeans became acceptable in the movies and for women all over the country.


  1.  Diane Keaton, Annie Hall


Diane Keaton was the fashion icon of 1977. She started a huge fashion trend. Forty years later people still want to get the style of the character Annie. The waistcoat, high waisted pants, ties, and bowler hats were in then and they are in now. Diane was able to make this look good. She wanted to be a cool looking woman and this movie allowed her to do so.


  1.  Sean Young, Blade Runner


Sean got the attention of the audience in a big way. The backdrop of this movie was set in Los Angeles and Sean had the style. She had rolled fringes and shoulder pads with a floor length fur coat. She was one of the first women to be crushed on by other women with her cool style.


  1.  Mia Farrow in The Great Gatsby


Mia has great style and this movie was able to capture it. The costumes look like something out of a dream and brought the style of jazz to the big screen. Mia was able to pull off the look flawlessly. The movie even won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design.


  1.  Keira Knightley in Atonement


Keira had a beautiful green gown that looked like it came from the 1930s. Jacqueline Durran designed the grown and it has been voted on by those in the industry to be one of the best costumes of all time. The fabric is breathtaking and the cut fit Keira perfectly.


  1.  Vivien Leigh, Gone with the Wind


This classic movie featured hoop skirts that went down to the ankles and Vivian made this an iconic look. Walter Plunkett was the costume designer for this movie and has worked on other hits including An American in Paris and Singin in the Rain. He spend a lot of time researching designs for this movie and worked hard to find the perfect one. He has designed over 5,000 clothing items for over 50 main movie characters and 100 movie extras.